Survival Strategy #1 (you can do this!)

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2018

The holiday season spans 42 days! If you splurge for each one of these days, yes it could do permanent damage to your eating plan and waist line.

However, the Holiday Survival Strategy #1 in the Holiday Survival Guide, you will learn a handy trick to navigating these 42 days.

Withing these 42 days we have 3 holidays, that’s it, only 3! Yet, we have many more work celebrations and friends get-togethers all adding to the list. 

Survival Strategy #1: - Remember it is a Holi-DAY. Not a Holi-WEEK or a Holi-MONTH.

Count with me the number of days you'll be indulging: Thanksgiving Day with 1 day of leftovers (2 days), Christmas Eve and day (2 days), New Year's Eve and day (2 days). That's 6 days of indulgence over a 6-week period. Not too bad, if you stay on track the other remaining 36 days. 

Add to this friend get-togethers and the office holiday party...if the total of holidays plus these outings is more than 8 days, then you must create a plan of which outings you will stay on track and enjoy and which outings you will splurge and enjoy.

This is simple, it works, and yes you too can be successful at this! Click here to get the full guide and learn more. 

 I’m here for any support or questions you may have, just shoot me an email.  

I invite you to take a closer look at your digestive wellness. Let's personalize your starting steps. Call my office at 970-444-2121 or email me at [email protected], to book a 30 minutes one-on-one call with me. In this call we will discuss what you have tried, where you want to go with your health and nutrition, and steps you need to take to get there. We will simplify your starting steps so you can live happier, healthier, and have more fun! 

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