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I'm Fran Sutherlin, your trusted Dietitian and Wellness Coach. I specialize in guiding individuals to conquer their cravings, alleviate digestive pain and discomfort, achieve hormone balance, and create a sustainable nutrition lifestyle. 

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Welcome to Sustainable Nutrition...

Where we us a transformative approach by NOT just focusing on weight loss; instead, we guide  you to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. We guide you to foods that promote your well-being, identify potential dietary triggers, and establish an optimal environment for your body to unleash its natural healing potential.

Drawing from my extensive experience coaching thousands of clients, I've learned that your body possesses an innate desire to heal and thrive.

All it requires from you is the right nourishment and support.


I'm Fran Sutherlin, your trusted Dietitian and Wellness Coach. I specialize in guiding individuals to:






Break free from cravings and overcome binge eating habits 

Alleviate digestive discomfort and pain

Achieve hormone balance for enhanced overall health

Establish a sustainable nutrition lifestyle that lasts

Let's Find Out!

You're in the right place if...



"You're sick of not eating because food is making you feel terrible!" 


"You're confused about what foods will make you feel better!" 


"You've tried everything under the sun without lasting success"

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As a seasoned Dietitian and Wellness Coach with 18 years of experience, I've had the privilege of assisting thousands on their path to improved health.

My nutritional approach is science based and centers around a holistic healing system that effectively prevents and manages disease. Through personalized, one-on-one consultations, I craft a comprehensive healing plan tailored specifically to your health objectives. After all, life is meant for enjoying quality time with your cherished family and friends, and having the vitality and well-being to do so!


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Here's How It Works...




It begins with a brief call, where I learn about your unique lifestyle and health goals and answer your questions. 



We'll create a nutrition plan to meet your health goals personalized to your life, challenges, and situation. 



You decide if a proven, science-based nutrition plan supported by professional guidance is right for you.

You Need a Few Things To Feel Better...



A Nourished Body! 


Say goodbye to extreme diets! The nourishment from real food is unmatched in its ability to restore balance and promote overall healing within your body. Embrace the simplicity: Eat food, experience wellness. Let's keep things straightforward and effective!

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A Healthy Gut! 

Achieving a healthy diet is effective only when your body can efficiently digest and absorb vital nutrients. If you're experiencing issues like constipation, diarrhea, gas, reflux, or bloating, it's a clear signal that your digestive system deserves and needs some tender care and attention.

Next Steps, please!


Make it Sustainable! 


Unlock the secret to improved well-being with a sustainable nutrition plan! Your body is naturally designed to heal and find balance through whole food nutrition. The secret lies in staying consistent. Witness your health improve year after year as you maintain consistency. 

I'm Ready To Begin!

What Clients Are Saying...


Jan, Improved Her Body's Chemistry 

"While working with Fran, I've been able to get off several medications, lose 18 pounds (and counting) , improve my digestion pain, and decrease my cholesterol and triglycerides.

The weekly education alongside the weekly private coaching has been invaluable. Fran is so easy to talk with and she is very knowledgeable.

I strongly recommend this program to anyone that is concerned about their health."


Janet, Stopped Binge Eating!  

"I was overweight and yo-yo dieting, both of which were deeply depressing me. I am now satisfied with food and not starving, which means I no longer yo-yo diet. I have learned my triggers that I need to stay away from such as alcohol.

I now eat so much cleaner and healthier. I loved working with Fran. She was always encouraging and supportive and NEVER judged me. She also paid close attention to details and helped me to understand physiological reasons for my binge eating. I also love that Fran taught me how to eat healthfully and feel satisfied."

Lucia, Knows How 

to Feed Her Body! 

"Before I met Fran I had trouble sticking to a routine or a schedule. The consistency was just not there.

I was also having trouble with fad diets, which one to follow and what to eat had always been a problem for me.

I learned how to create healthy meals quickly and with minimal prep and cooking. Additionally, I learned how I can modify anything I need when eating out. I now can maintain my weight and use food to help me reach my fitness goals, whether they be gaining muscle or running faster."




Nutrition Mastery: Transforming Your Health One Bite At A Time! 

Start taking action using the 4 Nutrition Pillars of the time-tested PNP System! 

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