Jan 25, 2017

SUGAR - it's much more than a 4 letter word for many of us. We know it's terrible for us. We know it's doing nothing for our health. 

If only we can do away with our sugar cravings forever! Well I know you can, because I've seen many do it AND I want to help you do it. BUT, it's a journey so let's enjoy it.

In today's video blog, I share the #1 contributor to your sugar cravings. I also want you to know with certainty that it's not a lack of your willpower or dicipline that keeps you coming back to this nasty sweetener that wrecks our health. Make it a healthy week - Fran 


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Jan 19, 2016

We've been hearing about cutting our liquid sugar since 1942!! That's when the American Heart Association first warned us to cut our added sugar by cutting back on soda.

 Maybe you're not drinking soda, but all liquid sugar counts: sweet tea, sweet coffee, energy drinks, etc.
 Learn how to quit pouring on the fat, but more importantly WHY liquid calories are so bad for our body and how to start weaning yourself from your liquid sugar addiction.

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Make it a great week,


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