Let’s make this holiday season different.

Imagine how you would feel (or have felt before) waking up on New Year's Day and wanting to reverse your holiday weight gain.  

To feel and look your best, your goal starting today should be to wake up Jan 1st weighing the same as you do today, and with any goal comes the baby steps to get there.  

I bet you are wondering how you can make this happen.  I am here to tell you it's possible, and if you get through the holidays without any weight gain….you'll be on fire and ready to crush 2017.

Today, I will share with you one simple, yet powerful strategy to maintain your weight this season and not gain weight, but maintain. 

This strategy is so powerful, just implementing this one thing could change your entire nutrition this holiday season. Make it a healthy holiday! - Fran


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Do you know that feeling?  The one where you have finished your healthy dinner and then thought, “Now where are my chips with queso?” or, do you ever grab a little snack in the evening and before you know it the entire bag of chips or carton of ice cream is gone only to stop and think, “wow, who just ate that”? 

I call this being possessed by the Feed-Me Demon, and when he strikes, you utterly lose control of making a healthy food choice and monitoring your portions.

This type of eating becomes unconscious and mindless, not to mention detrimental to your waistline and your health goals. 

The good news is that you are not really possessed. 

There are daily physiological and behavioral factors that contribute to late night-time overeating. 

And, guess what......knowledge of these triggers and factors can be used to combat those late night cravings.


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