UN-complicate your nutrition

Oct 24, 2017

Let me ask you a question...

Do you feel you know what you should be doing with your nutrition, yet you just don’t do it?

If you answer was yes, you are not alone.

This is probably the #1 thing I hear from clients when they first come to my nutrition practice.

Sometimes this all comes down to our natural tendency to over-complicate things. And believe me, with all the nutrition information out there, it's easy to complicate your nutrition plan.

The good news is that if you stick around to the end of today’s tidbit, I will give you an exercise to simplify your nutrition, focus on what matters and get you moving forward by "un-complicating" your nutrition plan.


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Social Comparison and Your Health (it's pretty important)

Oct 17, 2017

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

Well simply put, this comparison has been used for thousands of years as human beings. It has allowed us to confirm that we are on the right path or doing the 'right' things. Yet in today's modern world, it is impacting your health differently.

Well how does this comparing ourselves to others impact our health? Let's find out...

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You don't REALLY want to lose weight

Apr 04, 2017

You don't REALLY want to lose weight (even though you think you do).

That's right! 

Are you excited about losing weight? Probably not, because all you hear is “losing” and nobody likes losing anything!

It’s programmed into our DNA that losing something results in pain. Our daily actions are driven to avoid pain at all cost. 

Today I will share with you tips to move you past the focus of losing weight and motivating you to really move your health forward.

Today’s tidbit is for you if you’ve ever heard a little voice in your head or heard from your medical practitioner tell you that you need to lose weight to improve your health.

Make it a healthy week! - Fran 


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Apr 18, 2016

As a health coach, I take pride in guiding clients in their creation of healthier lifestyle habits.  Sometime this is easier said than done.  I’ve been a part of many, many goal setting session with clients and over the years, the clients who went beyond just goal setting had greater results.  They were able to stick to the program long enough to make it a lifestyle.  So what did these clients do? They take goal setting to the next level as just having a goal, is not enough motivation for obstacles and struggles you will encounter.  Make it healthy! - FRAN


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