Oct 27, 2016

Halloween is HERE, as we all start celebrating this weekend. The kids have their costumes and our 3 year old is so ready for trick-or-treating. 

With the mountains of sugar we already find ourselves surrounded by, why is it so important we talk about whole foods today?  Well over the years of coaching, working on a whole-food nutrition plan is #1 key to not letting sugar take over your Halloween season or your entire holiday season for that matter. 

We tend to always focus on what we "shouldn't" be doing, but this year, let's focus on healthier strategies to fuel our motivation and keep us on track this holiday season.   

Let's discover 5 reason to eat whole foods (you need this in your subconscious to keep you on track!)

Make it a great week! - Fran

P.S. One of my favorite recipe blog on pinterest: No Refined Sugar Pumpkin Energy Bites  - This one just looks yummy with all the apples we have this time of year Apple Mug Muffin


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