Meet Fran

Do you want to look and feel better, but you struggle with how to do it without battling through another dreadfully restrictive diet?

Or do you feel like you have already tried every diet, trick, and doctor and you are still gaining weight and feeling worse.  Have you lost hope and feel that maybe this is just how it has to be?

I know how that feels. And I can assure you…

  • If you want to lose weight and start tossing your headaches and other symptoms out the window one-by-one…
  • If you believe better health is possible for you… even if you don’t know the exact steps to get there…
  • And especially if you long to use your desire for better health to have a fun and memorable life doing the things you enjoy with the people you love…

…then you've arrived at the perfect place, and this site is for you.

My name is Fran Sutherlin, and I help busy women struggling with low energy, body aches, digestive pain, or chronic fatigue to identify their hidden healing opportunities and their own unique path to optimal health.

If that's you, this means you can lose weight, reduce or eliminate your symptoms, and be able to focus less on how you feel and more on living a fun and fulfilling life with your friends and family doing the things you enjoy most.

My Story (Why I’m not just any “dietitian” and why I do what I do)

My love for food and health lead me to a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition that has blossomed into a passion and ongoing education in Functional Nutrition. This approach allows me to identify hidden healing opportunities by getting to the root cause of your symptoms so we can not only reduce your symptoms but address the causes of your symptoms.

For over a decade as a Registered Dietitian and health coach, I've had the honor and privilege of leading thousands of people just like you (across the United States and South America) to improved health. 

Using a simple step-by-step approach that focuses on whole-food nutrition (the program I now call the Optimal Health Blueprint), I help clients that feel they have tried it all without lasting results to ditch their headaches, jump-start their energy, lose weight, and start enjoying life again.

In my days in corporate wellness, I learned that the people coming to me needed more than a presentation and a few minutes each week with me to really make an impact in their health.

This is the main reason why I now mix in education, tools, and resources into the one-on-one client work these days. I help a lot more people at a deeper level, while having a greater impact, by putting my knowledge and experience into digital form and distributing it on the Internet (some for free, some for payment).

Here’s How I Can Help You for Free

If you're reading this, chances are you're just getting to know me. I believe the best way to start a new relationship is by giving. That's why you can find an incredible amount of free, useful content that I give away for free.

To take advantage of this, make sure to read and watch the posts on this site. I have many different articles and videos on all aspects of improving your health through nutrition. All this content is available absolutely free on this site.

 If you sign up for my newsletter below. Not only will you receive an update every time I post a new article or video to the blog, you will also be the first to know when I make a new training resource or other tools for your success available.

If you ever feel you need a little more personal guidance, then schedule a $90 Optimal Health Assessment so we can chat about what’s going on and get a feel for what’s holding you back from success.

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I have a busy and active family of 3 kids, a dog, and husband, who all help me understand some of the nutritional challenges that you face every day. I love to have fun while living an active lifestyle; yet spending quality time with my family and friends is at the top of my priority list.

I love being outside breathing fresh air, practicing my inner Julia Childs in the kitchen, and don’t even ask about vegging out on the couch for the latest flick and a homemade pizza…because the more balance I include in my life, the MORE FUN and INSPIRATION I bring to my clients' lives.

About Us! 

What we do? Well, we work personally with you to reboot your metabolism to achieve long-lasting weight loss, overcome food cravings, and say goodbye to digestive discomfort through the Rapid Relief Program.

This program emphasizes the crucial role of whole food nutrition to meet your personal health and wellness goals! 

We can support your health journey every step of the way through our expert personalized coaching and proven comprehensive healing nutrition strategies.  


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