84 million American's have this, do you?

According to the CDC, over 84 million Americans now have prediabetes. What’s scarier is that nine out of ten of them don’t even know they have it. yup, that's correct nine out of ten don't even know they have it. Are you one of them?

If left untreated, it can lead to heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. However, the exciting part is that prediabetes can often be stopped before it becomes diabetes...or even reversed.  

Prediabetes occurs when your fasting blood sugar (glucose) is higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. It’s usually diagnosed from a finger-stick test called Hemoglobin A1C.

You can get it from your local pharmacy or by working with your medical practitioner. The test measures the amount of hemoglobin with glucose (sugar) attached. The more attached glucose, the higher the number on the test.

The American Diabetes Association provides the following general guidelines for A1C levels:

  • Normal –...

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Creating Back To School Success

Happy Tuesday,
It's back to school time already, and my youngest starts next week.
The S.A.D (Standard Amercian Diet) meal plan can limit our brain function at home, work, or even our children's learning ability, because it's not supplying enough fuel for the brain.
One thing to watch out for during your child's school day is low blood sugar. Last year, my son was in 1st grade. At the beginning of the year, he would come home upset, whinny, and just not in control of his emotions. He was so hungry after school and needed a hearty snack before he could even communicate or function the rest of the day.
A child's diet is very close to what I share with you in these tidbits. They need a high protein breakfast (cold cereal does not cut it). If you can pack a lunch and at least one snack, this is even better! Then offer a healthy snack after school, before any other extracurricular activities, and always send them with a water bottle.
Make it a healthy week! - Fran 
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Hmm, am I "Eating when I'm bored" (or is My Body Missing Something it Needs)?

Do you ever find yourself watching TV or driving in a car and just snacking away...even if you aren't hungry? 

If you have, you aren't alone, and this Tidbit is for you.

This could be mindless eating or it could be something important your body is asking for, and you need to dig a little deeper to figure it out.

In today's video, we are going to talk about how to figure this out, the most common and the most common reason it's happening.   

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Q&A Tidbit: Snacking, night time eating, and weight loss plateau

More questions were sent in!

In this tidbit, I will share answers to:  

  1. Is it okay to snack?
  2. Do I need to stop eating at 7 pm to maintain a healthy diet?
  3. What are the absolute healthiest foods that you recommend eating daily?
  4. What’s the one food you would tell your clients to stop eating?
  5. I strength train or walk several miles daily, but I still can’t lose weight. What could be going on that is preventing my weight loss?

Make it a healthy week everyone! Fran 

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Pushing Past Willpower Exhaustion(it’s easier than you’re thinking)

There is a difference between what is difficult and what is impossible.

You may feel you don’t have enough willpower or discipline to meet your health goal, but you’re wrong.

Understanding the unspoken strengths behind your willpower and physiology is the key to accomplishing your health goals (a.k.a.-feeling great in your clothes and having a blast).

In today’s tidbit, let me show you how to push past willpower exhaustion.  Make it a healthy week! - Fran  


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Removing guilt & shame

I still remember when my first daughter was 2 years old, walking around talking, just being the cutest little human ever. Well my love for chocolate and my passion to feed this little human healthfully sometimes conflicted.

So, what did I find myself doing? Sneaking the chocolate, shoving it in my mouth chewing fast and swallowing before she could know what I was doing. We’ve all been there!

Today I will share with you how science is proving that guilt and shame are the worst possible motivators for you and what you can do to really improve your self-control.

This is for you if you’ve ever looked at an empty carton of ice cream or an empty sleeve of cookies and thought who just ate that!

Make it a healthy week with less shame and guilt, Fran 

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What is hiden hunger? 

Hidden hunger is when you are eating food, yet the food you eat will not nourish your body. So if you are hungry all day and wondering why you are never satisfied, you may be suffering from hidden hunger. 

Hidden hunger symptoms show up differently for each of us; however, if you are suffering from migraines, joint pain, body aches, stomach discomfort and/or fatigue you may be suffering from hidden hunger.

Let's learn all about hidden hunger today and 5 Strategies to Combating this condition. 

Make it a great day - Fran 


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SUGAR - it's much more than a 4 letter word for many of us. We know it's terrible for us. We know it's doing nothing for our health. 

If only we can do away with our sugar cravings forever! Well I know you can, because I've seen many do it AND I want to help you do it. BUT, it's a journey so let's enjoy it.

In today's video blog, I share the #1 contributor to your sugar cravings. I also want you to know with certainty that it's not a lack of your willpower or dicipline that keeps you coming back to this nasty sweetener that wrecks our health. Make it a healthy week - Fran 


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Let’s make this holiday season different.

Imagine how you would feel (or have felt before) waking up on New Year's Day and wanting to reverse your holiday weight gain.  

To feel and look your best, your goal starting today should be to wake up Jan 1st weighing the same as you do today, and with any goal comes the baby steps to get there.  

I bet you are wondering how you can make this happen.  I am here to tell you it's possible, and if you get through the holidays without any weight gain….you'll be on fire and ready to crush 2017.

Today, I will share with you one simple, yet powerful strategy to maintain your weight this season and not gain weight, but maintain. 

This strategy is so powerful, just implementing this one thing could change your entire nutrition this holiday season. Make it a healthy holiday! - Fran


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Did you know that every 23 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes? Did you also know that 86 million are at risk for developing diabetes! YIKES!

So, let me ask you, are you practicing daily habits to reduce your risk for diabetes?

Diabetes is known as an invisible disease because it affects such a broad range of people: men and women, people young and old, and people of all races, shapes and sizes. Often there are no outward signs from the 29 million Americans who fight this chronic illness every day.

Instead of focusing on your weight scale this time of year; let's bring awareness to your daily habits that can reduce your risk of you developing diabetes.  Disease prevention is significantly stronger in motivating your habits than a number on the scale. 

Let's learn what daily habits you need to have to reduce your risk for diabetes. Make it a healthy week! - Fran 

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