Creating Back To School Success

blood sugar Aug 15, 2017
Happy Tuesday,
It's back to school time already, and my youngest starts next week.
The S.A.D (Standard Amercian Diet) meal plan can limit our brain function at home, work, or even our children's learning ability, because it's not supplying enough fuel for the brain.
One thing to watch out for during your child's school day is low blood sugar. Last year, my son was in 1st grade. At the beginning of the year, he would come home upset, whinny, and just not in control of his emotions. He was so hungry after school and needed a hearty snack before he could even communicate or function the rest of the day.
A child's diet is very close to what I share with you in these tidbits. They need a high protein breakfast (cold cereal does not cut it). If you can pack a lunch and at least one snack, this is even better! Then offer a healthy snack after school, before any other extracurricular activities, and always send them with a water bottle.
Make it a healthy week! - Fran 

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