Jul 30, 2016

A billion dollar weight-loss industry is frustrating us more than ever as we can’t seem to keep the weight off!

The cause?.......... (as I went deeper into the last two weeks) when you just diet or do cardio to lose weight, you end up losing more muscle mass than fat.

To make things worse, when you restrict calories, your hormones shift and increases your appetite. It becomes a vicious cycle that leaves you defeated and depressed about your health. 

Much of this is physiology and you can't change it, but you can get physiology working with you if you know what to do. 

Today let's discover strategies to lose weight, that when practiced consistently, will give you a much greater chance at keeping the weight off!  

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Apr 03, 2016

Your Body Fat Percentage is an important measurement of health.  If you are carrying more body fat than muscle mass, this will impact your health by decreasing your metabolic efficiency.  We all have learned and know that if we can only increase our metabolic rate, we can lose weight and live healthier.

But - the physiology behind increasing your metabolism is to carry more muscle mass as muscle burns more efficiently than fat. Let's learn how to increase your muscle mass, while decreasing your body fat percentage.  It's possible, and many people are having lasting change as the strategies I share are a long-term plan that will impact your health tremendously. 

Now, lets all start living to build muscle mass and decrease body fat.  Make it an amazingly healthy week! - Fran


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