Q&A Tidbit: Supplements, Meal Timing, & Seasonal Allergies

Jun 06, 2017

I've gathered your most asked questions and wanted to share them with the group.

This week's tidbit includes answers to: 

1. Can food help my seasonal allergies?
2. Is there any benefit or is it a myth to eat every few hours?
3. Is there a difference between grocery store supplements and health food store vitamins?
4. What supplements should I be taking?

Make it a healthy week!  

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Pushing Past Willpower Exhaustion(it’s easier than you’re thinking)

May 23, 2017

There is a difference between what is difficult and what is impossible.

You may feel you don’t have enough willpower or discipline to meet your health goal, but you’re wrong.

Understanding the unspoken strengths behind your willpower and physiology is the key to accomplishing your health goals (a.k.a.-feeling great in your clothes and having a blast).

In today’s tidbit, let me show you how to push past willpower exhaustion.  Make it a healthy week! - Fran  


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Super Easy & Powerful Health Hack that is Missed ALL the Time.

May 16, 2017

In my career as a dietitian, I have reviewed thousands of food logs and if there is one thing that is usually missing from many people's daily meal plan. 

Fiber is one simple ingredient that has been shown to improve cardiovascular protection, glucose regulation, cholesterol lowering, and cancer protection.

There is strong research that when your fiber is adequate, your health, and your food quality are much better.

Today I will share with you some quick fiber sources for improved health.

This is for you if you’re interested in weight loss, improved nutrient absorption, feeling fuller longer, balancing your blood sugar, and balancing your meals for improved health.

Make it a healthy week! - Fran


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Reducing Home Toxins to Boost Your Immunity

May 02, 2017


About 80% of your immunity comes from your GI Tract, but research is showing chemical toxins in our homes are destroying your GI Tract.

If you have children in the home, or suffer from an autoimmune disease, headaches, migraines, or have a compromised immune system, you need to click on today’s video to learn how to heal and protect you GI Tract.  

Some have been known to call me a “neat freak” and I will admit I’m a little Type A when comes to cleaning my home.

A recent rheumatoid arthritis client was talking to me about her pain levels and I asked what brand of cleaning products she was using in her home? Was she spraying air freshener or have plug-ins for air freshener? 

Our love for antibacterial world is impacting your immune system. Let's learn how to reduce your toxic load withing your home. 

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Removing guilt & shame

Apr 18, 2017

I still remember when my first daughter was 2 years old, walking around talking, just being the cutest little human ever. Well my love for chocolate and my passion to feed this little human healthfully sometimes conflicted.

So, what did I find myself doing? Sneaking the chocolate, shoving it in my mouth chewing fast and swallowing before she could know what I was doing. We’ve all been there!

Today I will share with you how science is proving that guilt and shame are the worst possible motivators for you and what you can do to really improve your self-control.

This is for you if you’ve ever looked at an empty carton of ice cream or an empty sleeve of cookies and thought who just ate that!

Make it a healthy week with less shame and guilt, Fran 

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Can something so simple really be the solution?

Apr 11, 2017

With so many different things going on in your body at any given moment, could the solution to pain and discomfort be right in front of you?

It’s so easy to overlook the simple solution right in front of you.

We'll take a look at this potential solution in today's video. 

Today's tidbit is for you if you are suffering from headaches, constipation, low energy, brain fog, depression or feeling moody.

Make it a healthy day - Fran 


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You don't REALLY want to lose weight

Apr 04, 2017

You don't REALLY want to lose weight (even though you think you do).

That's right! 

Are you excited about losing weight? Probably not, because all you hear is “losing” and nobody likes losing anything!

It’s programmed into our DNA that losing something results in pain. Our daily actions are driven to avoid pain at all cost. 

Today I will share with you tips to move you past the focus of losing weight and motivating you to really move your health forward.

Today’s tidbit is for you if you’ve ever heard a little voice in your head or heard from your medical practitioner tell you that you need to lose weight to improve your health.

Make it a healthy week! - Fran 


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Avoiding Diet Overwhelm

Mar 21, 2017

It's so easy to get overwhelmed in this information overloaded world of ours. Today let's learn key strategies that you can us to start moving your health in the right direction. 

 You know what to do, so let's start doing it. Make it a healthy day! - Fran 

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Two Common Grocery Shopping Mistakes (avoid these or you'll pay the price)

Mar 14, 2017

Did you know that the average American consumes 33 five-pound bags of sugar in a given year!? That’s 168 pounds of sugar per year. We are not going to the store and filling our shopping cart with bags, and bags of sugar.   

This amount of sugar is coming from our highly-processed diet.  The food you are buying is loaded with sugar. Snack foods and soft drinks are the two most consumed foods loaded with added sugar.

Honestly, it’s not the food choices you make when you are at work, or home…it’s the choices you are making in the grocery store that truly matter.

Make it a healthy week! - Fran


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Boosting Your Mental Clarity

Mar 07, 2017

You want to start eating better to lose weight so you can look great in your clothes, and there is nothing wrong with that, but there is another more important benefit of a whole-food diet and clean eating that you should also be aware of, and that is its effect on your brain health and function.

You can’t deny the importance of your brain that essentially makes you who you are and plays a part in everything you do.

Why is it when you are eating cleaner, healthier, and minimizing processed food that you feel more vibrant, have more energy, and can think with greater clarity?

Let's find out today. Make it a healthy week! - Fran 



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