Are You Toxic? (you may not like the answer)

Are you toxic? Okay not talking about your personality here…but really!
Do you have an unmanageable amount of toxins running through your body which are causing you internal stress that is negatively affecting your life?
In today’s video, I’m going to talk about how this happens (trust me it’s impossible to avoid toxins in our lives these days) and what you can do about it.

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Immune Support Beverage (yup, it's a super food!)

What is one immune supportive beverage that can boost the immune system, improve joint health, heal the digestive tract, help manage food intolerance, improve symptoms of autoimmune disease, with many, many more benefits? 

If you struggle with digestive pain and discomfort, autoimmune disease, brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, gas, or bloating, today you will learn about a single drink that will help to improve all these symptoms.


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How stress impacts your nutrition (and what you can do about it)

There are two things you need to be aware of with stress.

One, It has the power to destroy your health and wellbeing, okay you're probably thinking tell me something I don't know.

Second, just a few tweaks with your nutrition can truly impact your health by building a strong defense against stress.

Stress burns a tons of energy in your body, and food gives you energy, coincidence? I think not, let's learn more...


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Strategies to make sleep your secret weapon (instead of your worst enemy)

How well do you sleep at night? Do you go to sleep easily, but wake-up? Or do you have a hard time relaxing and getting to sleep?

Improving your sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health.  The quality and length of your sleep affect your energy levels, mental clarity, mood, and your body’s ability to handle stress.

If you are lacking in any of these areas, you need to check out today's video, where I share important strategies to keep in mind for a better night’s sleep...


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Creating Back To School Success

Happy Tuesday,
It's back to school time already, and my youngest starts next week.
The S.A.D (Standard Amercian Diet) meal plan can limit our brain function at home, work, or even our children's learning ability, because it's not supplying enough fuel for the brain.
One thing to watch out for during your child's school day is low blood sugar. Last year, my son was in 1st grade. At the beginning of the year, he would come home upset, whinny, and just not in control of his emotions. He was so hungry after school and needed a hearty snack before he could even communicate or function the rest of the day.
A child's diet is very close to what I share with you in these tidbits. They need a high protein breakfast (cold cereal does not cut it). If you can pack a lunch and at least one snack, this is even better! Then offer a healthy snack after school, before any other extracurricular activities, and always send them with a water bottle.
Make it a healthy week! - Fran 
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Hmm, am I "Eating when I'm bored" (or is My Body Missing Something it Needs)?

Do you ever find yourself watching TV or driving in a car and just snacking away...even if you aren't hungry? 

If you have, you aren't alone, and this Tidbit is for you.

This could be mindless eating or it could be something important your body is asking for, and you need to dig a little deeper to figure it out.

In today's video, we are going to talk about how to figure this out, the most common and the most common reason it's happening.   

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What does stress really do in your body (and 3 ways to reduce its impact)

Stress can really wreak havoc on your body. Don't just take my word for it...70-80% of doc visits are due to a stress-related illness.

If you are suffering with brain fog, daily energy crashes, struggling with weight loss, waking up at night with your day's to do list running through your head, then this tidbit is for you. 

In today's video, I'm going to talk about what you can do to not end up a statistic...

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9 Simple Strategies to Reduce Your Acid Reflux (While Improving Your Digestion)

Do you suffer from acid reflux, heart burn, GERD, or are you taking an acid reflux medication?

We used to think that heartburn was caused by too much acid in the stomach, however research now shows that heartburn is most often caused by too little acid in the stomach.

And if you’re taking acid-reflux medication…

It actually reduces your stomach acid and doesn’t allow your stomach to correctly break down your food for digestion.

In today’s video, you’ll learn 9 simple strategies to reduce your acid reflux, heart burn, or GERD, while still allowing your body to correctly digest your food. 


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This timeless health success habit is now considered a dying art

This timeless health success habit is now considered a “dying art”

How often do you cook at home, in your kitchen, dirtying pots & pans, and maybe a knife and cutting board?! Okay what you dirty is not important, but how often you are cooking is extremely important.

Today’s video I will share all about how your health is a reflection of how often you are cooking in your kitchen. 

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Do you know your nutrition kryptonite? (we all have at least one)

What's the one thing that when you have it, it crushes your momentum and willpower towards your nutrition goals? You want more, and more, and more, and it just seems to put you in a crazy craving trance.

Is it refined sugar? Refunded flour? Bread? Tortillas? 

In today’s video, not only will you be more aware of your own kryptonite, but you will understand how it all fits into a health nutrition plan.  You will also learn how to:

  • Use your awareness to minimize your kryptonite’s control over you

  • Change your perspective of failure, which may be holding you back from lasting success

Make it a healthy week! - Fran 


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