Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Feb 28, 2017

When you think about blood pressure, you might blame your high sodium diet. Well, it's a lot more about mineral deficiencies than high sodium. Sodium will impact your already high blood pressure, but high sodium will not cause high blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure, you have a 2.5 times greater risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Nearly 86 million, or 34 percent, of American adults have high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer because most people do not suffer any symptoms. Well it's also the silent killer because it leads to a greater risk of heart attack or stroke.

It's easier than you think to lower your blood pressure naturally. Let's learn how today. 

Make it a healthy day, - Fran 


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9 reasons 'full-fat' is healthier

Feb 21, 2017

You want to lose weight and be healthier, so it's natural to cut out fat. Heart diease is the #1 killer in American, which also makes it natural to cut the fat out, as fat has been demonized for our heart since 1956. Well cutting fat causes serious health concerns, which makes cutting fat one of the unhealthiest thing you can do for your metabolism and your organs. 

Fat is one key ingredient to building nutritional health.  No longer is the day where low-fat is considered healthy.  Low-fat diets are now shown to cause more harm than good!  Frustrating, I know. 

The human body uses fat for everything from building cell membranes to performing key functions in the brain, eyes, and heart. 

Today I will share with you what fat really does for your body and why it’s so important for you.   

After today, you will look at that wild-caught salmon, nuts and seeds (which some of you call bird food) a little differently.  

Make it a...

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Removing "Luck" From The Equation

Feb 14, 2017

When I say heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, or high triglycerides how do you feel? Usually fear set's in if you don't understand how these things affect your risk for heart disease. 

When fear sets in, you are no longer moving towards prevention - 80% of heart disease cases are preventable. Fear usually puts us into a frozen state. Meaning we stop thinking straight or even thinking at all. When we are in a state of fear, we are usually paralyzed.

Education in understanding 2 important principles will allow you to move towards prevention of heart disease. All of us are at the cross-road between prevention and disease. 

Let's learn two important things you need to understand to prevent this terrible disease...


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Thriving with Sprouts

Feb 07, 2017

Are you looking for an easy way to add massive vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to what you’re already eating? Today I will share with you one super food that will help.

You see, we are missing important vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids in our food these days. Basically, all the great stuff that allows your cells to thrive, not just survive. Remember your cells are the tiny little building blocks of your body and contribute to the state of your health.

The food we eat today has less of a nutrient punch than the food our great-grandparents ate, but it's not all doom-n-gloom. Include more of this super food into your meal plans for an easy and delicious vitamin, mineral, fiber, and enzyme punch! 

Make it a great day, 




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Jan 31, 2017

What is hiden hunger? 

Hidden hunger is when you are eating food, yet the food you eat will not nourish your body. So if you are hungry all day and wondering why you are never satisfied, you may be suffering from hidden hunger. 

Hidden hunger symptoms show up differently for each of us; however, if you are suffering from migraines, joint pain, body aches, stomach discomfort and/or fatigue you may be suffering from hidden hunger.

Let's learn all about hidden hunger today and 5 Strategies to Combating this condition. 

Make it a great day - Fran 


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Jan 25, 2017

SUGAR - it's much more than a 4 letter word for many of us. We know it's terrible for us. We know it's doing nothing for our health. 

If only we can do away with our sugar cravings forever! Well I know you can, because I've seen many do it AND I want to help you do it. BUT, it's a journey so let's enjoy it.

In today's video blog, I share the #1 contributor to your sugar cravings. I also want you to know with certainty that it's not a lack of your willpower or dicipline that keeps you coming back to this nasty sweetener that wrecks our health. Make it a healthy week - Fran 


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Dec 09, 2016

No Tuesday Tidbit this week or last, my apologies, but please keep reading you don’t want to miss this, it could change your health…

We are in the thick of the holiday season, and oh what fun it is!  During this busy season, take a few moments to prepare for your heath in the coming 2017 year!

You don't need a plan just yet, but you do need to start thinking about how you are going to....Make 2017 About Your Health!!

Your health cannot be kept on the back burner any longer.  I have two great invites for you in January, but first I want to share a personal story with you. 

I have spent the last few week with my dad on the cardiac floor of the hospital.  He has suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure for some years now.

He’s made the minimum changes to his lifestyle, took his medication (when he remembered), and kept working hard on the ranch and at the church (he’s a Deacon in the Catholic church), and as many of us do, he...

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Nov 08, 2016

Let’s make this holiday season different.

Imagine how you would feel (or have felt before) waking up on New Year's Day and wanting to reverse your holiday weight gain.  

To feel and look your best, your goal starting today should be to wake up Jan 1st weighing the same as you do today, and with any goal comes the baby steps to get there.  

I bet you are wondering how you can make this happen.  I am here to tell you it's possible, and if you get through the holidays without any weight gain….you'll be on fire and ready to crush 2017.

Today, I will share with you one simple, yet powerful strategy to maintain your weight this season and not gain weight, but maintain. 

This strategy is so powerful, just implementing this one thing could change your entire nutrition this holiday season. Make it a healthy holiday! - Fran


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Nov 01, 2016

Did you know that every 23 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes? Did you also know that 86 million are at risk for developing diabetes! YIKES!

So, let me ask you, are you practicing daily habits to reduce your risk for diabetes?

Diabetes is known as an invisible disease because it affects such a broad range of people: men and women, people young and old, and people of all races, shapes and sizes. Often there are no outward signs from the 29 million Americans who fight this chronic illness every day.

Instead of focusing on your weight scale this time of year; let's bring awareness to your daily habits that can reduce your risk of you developing diabetes.  Disease prevention is significantly stronger in motivating your habits than a number on the scale. 

Let's learn what daily habits you need to have to reduce your risk for diabetes. Make it a healthy week! - Fran 

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Oct 27, 2016

Halloween is HERE, as we all start celebrating this weekend. The kids have their costumes and our 3 year old is so ready for trick-or-treating. 

With the mountains of sugar we already find ourselves surrounded by, why is it so important we talk about whole foods today?  Well over the years of coaching, working on a whole-food nutrition plan is #1 key to not letting sugar take over your Halloween season or your entire holiday season for that matter. 

We tend to always focus on what we "shouldn't" be doing, but this year, let's focus on healthier strategies to fuel our motivation and keep us on track this holiday season.   

Let's discover 5 reason to eat whole foods (you need this in your subconscious to keep you on track!)

Make it a great week! - Fran

P.S. One of my favorite recipe blog on pinterest: No Refined Sugar Pumpkin Energy Bites  - This one just looks yummy with all the apples we have this time of year Apple Mug Muffin


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