The “10% Secret” to Enjoying Your Donuts MORE!

Uncategorized May 02, 2018

Over the weekend, I was sitting at a salon waiting while my son got a haircut.

Behind me on the window sill there was a box of delicious smelling, to-die-for donuts.

Well, slowly each woman in the shop (customers too) came by and grabbed a donut.

This isn’t the surprising part, because who doesn't want a warm morning donut, right?

What surprised me (but makes a ton of sense) is that each woman said something out loud…justifying why they were eating the donut.

"Oh it's Friday, I'm having this" as they slowly opened the box and chose their donut with precision.

Other's said things like “I've eaten pretty healthy, I'm having one!"

…Or even "the fat girl never says no to a donut."

In today’s video, I want to dig into what these women were doing and what you can learn from it that will not just improve your health, but help you to enjoy donuts MORE.

Check out the video…


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