3 Holiday Mistakes You May Be Making (and how to avoid them)


...and nope melting away in a cup of hot cocoa is not one of them!

Despite our best intentions, the holidays have a way of pushing us over the edge into the land of no return when it comes to candies, treats, high fat and high carbohydrate foods.

If your nutrition has taken a turn for the worst now after Thanksgiving, don't throw in the towel just yet.

There is still hope.

I'm back again this week, sharing time-tested nutrition tips and strategies to the 3 Holiday Nutrition Mistakes you are probably making.

Set a plan (it's easier than it sounds) by following today's nutrition strategies to make this year a healthier holiday season. 

Grab your Holiday Survival Guide Here - it's free and has many more tips and strategies! 

Make it a healthy week! - Fran 



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