Get a Better Night’s Sleep (so you can rock your day)

better sleep hormones Dec 05, 2017

Do you feel groggy, suffer from brain fog, or don't have enough energy to make it through your day? If so, improving the quality of your sleep will help.

According to the CDC, one-third of all Americans are not getting the seven to nine hours of sleep per night that is recommended to promote optimal health and wellbeing.

Do you have problems falling asleep or do you fall asleep just fine and then wake-up a few hours later?

Your sleep patterns are usually dictated by your hormone balance. The human body's circadian rhythm is a powerful beast that if not cared for, will distrupt your health and most importantly, your sleep.

Today I will share with you a foods that have been known to boost the quality of sleep.

It's these foods that work to bring back balance to your cortisol, melanin and insulin response. For most people, bringing back balance to these 3 heavy hitters is the key to a better night’s sleep.


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